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When is the best time to see the animals?
Our animals are usually more active in the mornings, during our Daily Keeper Activities and Talks, and during our Tours

If I book or purchase more than one Tour or Encounter - do I get a discount?
We offer discounts for purchases for 2 people or more, if you make your booking online.
If you are a Silver, Gold or Platinum Member of the Zoo, you will receive between 15% - 25% off any Tour bookings for both yourself and any accompanying guests. You will have to phone the Zoo to book, and quote your Membership number.

Can I reserve a place for a Tour or Encounter without payment?
No, full payment is required at the time of the booking. Once a booking is confirmed it can only by re-scheduled by phoning the zoo and speaking with a staff member, and a fee may apply. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

What happens if it rains?
A little bit of rain does not interrupt or prevent a tour from going ahead. Cheetah enclosures have under-cover areas to prevent bad weather from interfering with your experience. In some cases, Tours or experiences may be re-scheduled due to heavy rain and Tours are postponed in the case of an electrical storm, as is legally required. To enquire about re-scheduling any Tour or encounter, you will need to phone the zoo and talk with our staff. There are fees involved for rescheduling your booking.

I am doing a Tour by myself. Can someone come along with me to take photos?
No. There are always other people taking part who are more than happy to take photos for you when its your turn to participate. However, if you are booked onto an Animal Encounter, you may be able to have a "Spectator" for a $15 fee. Please enquire if your experience has this option.

Can I take photos during the Tours?
Yes, all animals are used to cameras, including flash, just advise the Keeper before taking them.

Can I follow someone on their Tour just so I can watch or take photos?
No, Tours are private and go into areas of the Zoo where there is no public access. Participants cannot be accompanied. However, some "Animal Encounters" are allowed a Spectator behind the scenes to take photos, if the participant is booked on by themselves, at a cost of $15. Please enquire if the experience booked allows this.

Why do you say Doctors advise to limit contact with Cats when pregnant in the Indemnity and Release Form?
All cats, including domestic ones, carry Toxic Plasmolysis in their Faeces, which may cause problems in the first Trimester of Pregnancy.

What shoes should I wear?
Flat soled walking shoes are ideal.

Can I touch the animals?
On no account must you put your hand or fingers through the mesh. You must not touch an animal when feeding, unless the Keeper gives permission.

How close can I get to the animals?
You must always stay behind the Keeper, until the Keeper gives permission to move forward.

My child is mentally/physically disabled, can s/he join a tour?
Please view the Terms & Conditions via the product page of our website. Please also feel free to phone us with any concerns or queries. Our Education Section may also be contacted via Reception to provide a Private Tour especially suited to your requirements.

I do not like snakes, must I touch one?
No part of any tour is compulsory, if you feel uncomfortable with any animal just advise the Keeper.

What time should I arrive for a Tour?
Allow a minimum of thirty minutes before your start time. However, ZooVenture, FamilyTour & Meet a Cheetah participants are not required to pay any extra for Zoo admission, so you are encouraged to arrive as early as you like, and enjoy the facilities before your Tour.

Can I bring my dog into the Zoo or on a tour?
The National Zoo & Aquarium is an Authorised Quarantine Site, no pets are allowed on any part of the grounds, including the car park.

Do I need to turn off my mobile during the Tour?
It is suggested you turn your mobile off. If it rings whilst you are feeding an animal, it may cause problems.

My friend did the same Tour last month, will mine be exactly the same?
Animals can behave differently each day, so each Tour is unique.

My eight year old child is big for his/her age, can he/she do the ZooVenture Tour?
No. All children under twelve must be booked on the Family Tour. (see link for Zooventure)

What is the difference between the Zooventure and the Family Tour?
The Family tour is a slighty shorter and less expensive option that encourages adults to join their children in various activities on this interactive experience. It includes visits to many of the same animals that are included on the Zooventure Tour, including one of the big cats.

Can I do a Tour without any children present?
Yes. Our Education Section can be contacted via Reception to provide a Private Tour especially suited for your requirements.

Can I wear perfume?
Generally speaking, perfume will not have any effect one way or another.

I have long hair. Should I tie it back before interacting with the cheetahs?
Yes. Long hair should be tied back for safety reasons.

Are the tours wheelchair accessible?
No. Many of the pathways and access areas used throughout tours are not accessible to wheelchairs. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

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