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They're Calling on You Phone Campaign

Gorillas are on the brink of extinction. They're calling on YOU to donate your phone today!

You can now help save Gorillas in Africa simply by donating your mobile phone! Coltan is a metallic ore that is mined both in and out of Africa and can be found within many electronic devices such as mobile phones.

The mining of coltan within the Congo River Basin is contributing to forest loss and unrest in the region, and is accelerating the loss of mountain gorillas at an alarmingly fast rate. Whilst efforts are being made to tackle this issue, the majority of the worlds known coltan reserves are found within Africa, and the mining of coltan within gorilla habitat continues.

It is very difficult to know which phones contain coltan mined from Africa, however every phone can help save gorilla's when donated to They're Calling on You.

By donating your phone through the They're Calling on You mobile phone recycling program you are:

Keeping its coltan and other valuable or toxic parts out of Australian landfill

Helping the National Zoo & Aquarium raise money to support primate conservation, and other wildlife conservation projects

Lessening the demand for coltan mining by providing the coltan-coated capacitor in your old mobile phone a second life.


To support the "They're Calling on You" mobile phone recycling program you can:

1. Visit the National Zoo & Aquarium to collect a postage paid recycling satchel, and post your mobile phone to the Aussie Recycling Program. Or simply hand your phone in over the counter.

2. Download and print a copy of our postage paid label and post your phone today!

3. Donate a corporate fleet of mobile phones by calling 6287 8487, or email sallybradley@nationalzoo.com.au. We can supply you with signage for your noticeboards. You can also arrange for a free courier pickup (16 phones and over)

4. Schools can get involved to! Please email janebardwell@nationalzoo.com.au to discuss how your school can integrate this program whilst inspiring students to take action for wildlife!

Next time your mobile phone rings, let that be a reminder that 'They're calling on YOU'!