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Benefits of Partnership with the National Zoo & Aquarium

National Zoo & Aquarium prides itself on providing the most beneficial partnerships available in Australia. It is our belief that we must provide our partners with more than they provide us.
We are able to offer these benefits in ways that traditional sponsorships aren't able to.

We can put together a tailored package to suit each partner's needs. Our partners are able to gain access to such privileges as: Functions on the Private Terrace, overnight stays at Jamala Wildlife Lodge, Corporate Zooventure Tours, Branding and Advertising... and more.
Functions on the Private uShaka Terrace

Surrounded by bears, lions and snow leopards - a function on the uShaka terrace is a wild proposition, where a select group of up to 20 to 40 people dine like no one else in the world can.

The terrace overlooks the hyena exhibit, a leopard wanders up to say hello, and guests are given the opportunity to hand-feed a lion.
This is a most memorable experience which can be used for impressing clients, as a reward for staff, or as a product launch.
This function allows our partners (and only our partners) and their guests to be entertained in a manner not on offer anywhere else in the world!

Tigons hand feed
Corporate ZooVentures

A private tour like no other. Longer and more diverse than the commercially
available ZooVenture Tour combined with a function on the private terrace enables
you to knock your clients socks off!

There's the opportunity to hand feed a tiger and lions, pat
the worlds largest type of antelope, get amazingly close to bears
and meet some of our other residents in close proximity.
No other tour matches it anywhere.

Branding and Advertising:

With one of the largest coverages of TV, print and radio locally, nationally and even internationally (much of it guaranteed), The National Zoo & Aquarium offers one of the most comprehensive and constant branding opportunities available.

With too many aspects of our partnership programs to list - please contact for more information.