School Holiday Keeper Talks

School Holiday Keeper Talks

Make more out of your zoo visit these holidays and check out our interactive Keeper Talks

Each day of the Canberra School Holidays we offer opportunities to hear our expert guides & keepers talk about the animals in their care and the conservation work being done for various species.

At some of the talks* visitors have the opportunity to personally meet, take close up photos, feed and even touch some of our amazing residents! (^ fee applies)


10.45 am             Meerkat Talk

11.00 am             White Lion Talk *^

11.30 am             Giraffe Family Talk /Feed *^

12.00 noon         Dingo Walk (around the Zoo) *

12.30 pm            Rhino Talk

12.45 pm            Cheetah Talk

1.15 pm               Reptile Meet & Greet *^

1.45 pm              Sun Bear Talk

2.00 pm             Otter Talk

2.15 pm              Tiger Talk

2.45 pm             Owl Feed

3.00 pm             Penguin Feed

For a printable schedule of Talks and Feeds – Click here