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Interact with 3 cheetah brothers!

The objective:

We want you to walk away with a sense of wonder, along with the knowledge that so much can be done to assist cheetahs in the wild. Your zookeepers will take you on a journey combining adventure, knowledge and interaction with our cheetahs. Hearing the purr of a cheetah is a special experience!

The experience:

We are delighted to announce the arrival of three Cheetah boys from South Africa, brothers, Asani, Zambi and Viking. Join them in this incredible encounter, as you enter their habitat with our experienced zookeepers. During the 10 -15-minute interaction with the unrestrained big cats, you will learn about their individual personalities, interact with one or all of the boys, as well as learn of the issues facing wild cheetahs.

Sessions last approximately 10-15 minutes with a maximum of 2 participants entering the enclosure at a time.

The impact:

By the time you finish one of these encounters, the adventure you have experienced will be on a par with the knowledge you have gained. Apart from having learnt all the fascinating information about cheetahs and their special idiosyncrasies, you will also know how you and your future generations can assist in taking care of our planet and animal habitats.

If you loved cheetahs and big cats before you arrive at the zoo, you will be totally inspired by their history, evolvement and capabilities by the time you leave. You will also know what little things you and your family can do that will help conserve them in the wild.

The reason:

Β Cheetah numbers have declined rapidly and it is estimated that about 7,000 cheetahs remain in the wild, down from an estimated 80,000. Their main threats are habitat loss and human/wildlife conflict. Their survival in game parks is difficult, as these are often over-populated with lions, leopards and hyena, all of which are threats to the cheetah population.

The outcome – $1,000,000!!

Β Through tour and encounter revenue, during the last 3 years the National Zoo and Aquarium and Jamala Wildlife Lodge have donated over $1,000,000 in cash and kind to various animal conservation and welfare groups, along with charities, in Australia and worldwide. Your support of the encounters helps us maintain this and you can also donate directly to a number of animal causes by clicking on the link.

Special notes

You will be entering the home of our resident animals, so please understand that they have the right to participate or not participate in any encounter and their wishes will always take priority. The animals are not restrained in any way and are free to leave the encounter if they choose.

You will learn about the animals, their habits, habitats, special abilities and their vulnerability in the wild and how you can help them

Please note – participants for this encounter must meet our terms & conditions. Read more

Days Everyday
Time Sessions from 10.30am and 1.30pm
Maximum People 2 people
Minimum Age 16 years
Minimum Height 150 cm
Length 15 minutes
Cost $195 per person weekdays and $225 per person on weekend and school/public holidays
Zoo Entry Fee Free
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Restrictions Please see Meet a Cheetah Terms & Conditions
Questions? Please see our FAQs
“The cheetah is the world’s fastest land animal. They can run up to 110km an hour!”
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