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Hi! I’m Mlinzi an African Lion

The lion is the second largest feline species, after the tiger. Lions are the only truly social cats. Prides are made up of related females and 1 to 2 males and numbers can range from 2 to 40 lions. Members of the pride come and go and are rarely all together at once.

Young males band together to form ‘bachelor’ prides. The male lion, easily recognised by his mane, is not always part of hunting parties. This is not because they do not want to or cannot hunt, their size and strength is better served protecting their home territory and young.

The National Zoo and Aquarium is home to 2 tawny coloured lions.


African Lion

Meet an African Lion on our Lion Encounter

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African Lion facts

DISTRIBUTION Africa, and the Gir Forest in Western India (Asia)
SIZE 150–240kg (male), 122–182kg (female)
LIFE SPAN 10–15 years in the wild, up to 25 in captivity
GESTATION 100–120 days

Meet an African Lion on our Lion Encounter

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