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Does your child love animals?

The Junior Zoo Keeper Program delves into the nitty gritty, and often dirty side of caring for animals. Developed for students with a keen interest in animals, Junior Zoo Keepers learn about enclosure design; animal enrichment; animal wellbeing; breeding & conservation; the preparation of appropriate diets; and the clean up after feeding!

Activities vary depending on the needs of the zoo and animals, but may include:

  • Watching from an elevated platform while giraffes play with a toy you’ve made.
  • Seeing meerkats race out to eat the food you’ve freshly prepared.
  • Playing the training game with our fallow deer – or even your teammates!
  • Be carefully supervised by the Rhino as you clean up his bedroom.
  • Conducting water condition surveys throughout the zoo.
  • Identifying various plants and their value in animal diets.
  • Creating conservation displays to increase public awareness.
  • Digging into the history of animals, evolution and fossilised remains.
  • Feeling the vibrations of a big cat’s roar as it races to devour breakfast.
  • Feeding some of our cutest native animals.
  • Encounters with various reptiles
  • And entering animal enclosures to clean, clean, clean!

As part of their membership, Junior Zoo Keepers receive:

  • JZK branded Name Badge, Hat & T-shirt.
  • 7 x 3hr sessions throughout the year.
  • Unlimited entry to the zoo on presentation of their JZK membership card.
  • Free entry for an extra adult (or child) on our Conservation Celebration day. Held in July, our Conservation Celebration day invites family and friends to the zoo to share in their children’s’ newfound knowledge. Junior Zoo Keepers run stalls, present talks or create enrichment for their family & friends to enjoy with the animals.
  • Special ‘Night In’. Experience the magic of the zoo after hours when everyone else goes home!


Important Booking Notes: When booking your start date please keep in mind that will become your regular session time for the duration of the year. For example, if you book Saturday 8:30am-11:30am you will be in the Saturday morning session on the dates listed on the itinerary (in the pictures), for the rest of the year. Time changes apply for the Conservation Celebration Day and the Sleepover and are listed on the itinerary.

Restrictions – and things you need to know before booking

JZK Contract                              JZK Indemnity Form

To book individual sessions check out our Kids Keeper for a Day program.

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Resources for currently enrolled Junior Zookeepers

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