NZA Primate Awareness Week

NZA Primate Awareness Week

Join us to celebrate our cheeky primates!

Join us to celebrate our cheeky primates! During the week from the 12th February to the 18th February we will be holding extra Keeper activities and Encounters plus special children’s craft. Learn more about primates and what you can do to support primate conservation.

Book a special encounter with either our Ring Tailed or Ruff Lemurs. We don’t normally offer these encounters so this is an extra special opportunity to go inside their enclosure (accompanying by Keeper) for an up-close and personal meeting!


Primate Awareness Week daily program;

10.00am to 1.00pm – Craft at the Stage

11:45am Special Ring Tail Lemur Encounters – Book Now > Ring Tailed Lemur Encounter

12:45pm Special Ruff Lemur Encounters – Book Now > Ruff Lemur Encounter

1.00pm Capuchin Island Feed and Enrichment

1:30pm Pygmy Marmoset Feed and Enrichment

2:15pm Siamang Feed and Enrichment